WHAT IS a modern day feminist?

What is a Modern Day Feminist?

By Letrecia

Most people when they hear the word feminist automatically envision a bra burning, hairy legged, man-hating lesbian on a singular mission to bash any idea that she should be remotely “girly” simply because she is a woman. Do I really have to tell you how outdated and disproportioned this idea of what a feminist should look like really is? What does the modern day feminist look like? Well, look around you, she could be the soccer mom taking her children to their game, she could be the CEO on a power lunch with other executives, she could be your children’s Sunday school teacher, or even the woman next to you in line at the grocery store. Modern feminism is more about a set of ideals than someone’s appearance.

To say that someone could not possibly be a feminist because they wear makeup and love a man would be like saying someone could not possibly be a Christian because they dress in a Goth fashion and listen to heavy metal. The outward appearance of a feminist is truly not any different than that of anyone else, and to be a feminist a woman does not have to be a radical making demands to every passerby who will remotely listen. The ideals and beliefs that a woman holds within her heart are what define her, not only as having a feminist or traditionalist mindset, but also in whom she is. There are many misconceptions about what most feminists today believe, people often associate the most radical views with the concept of feminism, so let’s look at the ideas people perceive to be what a feminist should be and what most truly are.

Link to article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/321336/what_is_a_modern_day_feminist.html

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